CM Rupani has made a big statement about Corona’s position, strategy and lockdown

By | April 17, 2021

CM Rupani has made a big statement about Corona’s position, strategy and lockdown

CM Vijay Rupani exclusive on VTV News Statement about

Corona’s current condition and lockdown What does
•the government want now? What is the government’s strategy?

The second wave is more dangerous than the first wave of the corona. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had a special conversation with VTV News about the growing transition of Corona, lockdown, shortage of doctors, shortage of hospitals, shortage of wad, shortage of oxygen, shortage of oxygen and new strategy of the government. VTV bureau chief Devasi Barade questioned the government’s readiness and lockdown on Corona. Then find out what the Chief Minister said while answering these questions …

Why the shortage of hospitals and beds?
What are the plans of the state government to fight the Koro epidemic? And what action will be taken against the fear that has spread among the people? In this regard, CM Vijay Rupani said that there is a sudden epidemic in Corona. The situation is better than other states. There is a shortage of beds but we are working on a war footing. Work on the new hospital continues on a war footing. When we give 30 thousand injections every day.
We have space but doctors, not nurses: CM
On the shortage of doctors in the state hospitals, the Chief Minister said, “We have space but no doctors, no nurses.” So that the services of private physicians will be taken.
What does the CM say about the lockdown?
Regarding the lockdown, the Chief Minister said that the last lockdown was for 15 days which was a lockdown all over India. Currently Maharashtra has not even done a lockdown. He has done night curfew all over Maharashtra and we in 20 cities. Suppose 20 cities had a 10-hour lockdown out of 24 hours. Closing all educational institutions, not conducting religious programs in all offices, gyms, theaters, auditoriums, public events,All these steps have been taken to break the chain like a limited number in marriage. We are concerned that until that happens the poor and the laborers will not be in trouble, we will decide according to tomorrow’s situation if need be. People say but there is no lockdown right now. The lockdown will be decided according to the future situation.
What did the Chief Minister say about CR Patil’s Ramdasveer distribution?
Tumipyre injection was distributed in Surat by CR Patil a few days back. Congress has filed an application against him in the Gujarat High Court. Now the CM said that CR Patil does not blackmail injections. The work done by Patil is in the interest of the society. Congress politicizes the epidemic.
The Chief Minister made a statement about the corona spread in the village
We have our eye on the condition of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s village. Efforts are also being made to set up arrangements in the villages. If the city comes under the control of the corona, it will also come to the villages. Testing laboratories will be started in small towns.
CM Rupani spoke about the government and the organization
The Chief Minister said that the organization is also working in its own way. There is no dispute between the government and the organization.
What is the status of Corona in Gujarat?
The number of Koro cases in Gujarat is increasing day by day, with 8,920 new cases and 94 deaths reported in 24 hours yesterday. While 3,387 patients have recovered. So far, 32,9781 patients have been discharged from the corona. So far 5170 people have died due to corona in Gujarat. There are currently 283 people on ventilators in the state. The number of active cases has reached 49,737.
Corona uncontrollable in Surat and Ahmedabad
Despite the ongoing vaccination campaign in Gujarat, on the other hand, the situation is dire. Concerns are growing over Corona’s case. Ahmedabad city has the highest number of 2842 cases in the state while Ahmedabad has 56 cases in rural areas. While 1522 new cases have been reported in Surat city, 398 cases have been reported in rural Surat. 429 cases have been reported in Vadodara city, while 171 cases have been reported in rural areas. 707 cases have been reported in Rajkot city and 52 in rural areas. Then find out the details of the cases registered in all the districts of the state within 24 hours.

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