CM Rupani’s big reaction about lockdown in Gujarat

By | April 10, 2021

CM Rupani’s big reaction about lockdown in Gujarat

Speaking on the occasion of inauguration of 20 new Dhanvantari Arogya Rath from Ahmedabad, CM Rupani said that the aim of the government is to reduce the death rate in the state. Among the steps taken by the state government to ensure that patients with heart disease can start treatment as soon as they become infected,From today, Dhanwantari Health Chariot will travel to various districts of the state to improve the health of patients. Dhanwantari Rath has five health workers, GPS. The system has laptop and internet connectivity due to which the health chariot provides central data to the health department.

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After the departure of the health chariot, CM Rupani told reporters that coronary infections were on the rise across the country, including Gujarat. The state government is then committed to enhancing and strengthening health facilities. In the last eight days in the state, the government has added 15000 beds, 3100 intensive care units, 6700 oxygen beds and 965 ventilators.

CM Rupani said while the transition is spreading more rapidly in the four metros, people do not have to go out of the house for unnecessary reasons and follow the rules. The government has directed to strictly enforce the rules of wearing masks. 

On this occasion CM Rupani said that the state government has no plans to implement lockdown and we are not moving in the direction of lockdown. In some villages and towns of the state, people and trade associations observe spontaneous restrictions based on local conditions.

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