Eco friendly Mask

By | April 19, 2021

Eco friendly Mask

Eco friendly mask is an amulet to prevent corona (corona virus). In the period of corona virus, where wearing a mask is mandatory, there is also concern about its disposal. Masks are used all over the world, so disposing of them can bring pollution in a way. Can harm the environment. For which now the youth of Mangalore have prepared an eco friendly mask.

This eco friendly mask made by a youth from Mangalore has become a topic of discussion. Paper and basil-tomato seeds have also been specially used to make this mask. This eco friendly mask is also useful.

Masks currently available in the market cannot be reused after use, but these masks can be very useful for preserving the environment. The peculiarity of this (mask) is that, after throwing this (mask) in the right place, the plant grows out of it.

The mask is made using cotton and paper. Which will grow plants due to the presence of seeds in the mask after coming in contact with water and soil. Currently, the youth has made about 400 eco-friendly masks. Once this mask is used, it cannot be used as a mask again but it has to be put in the right place so that the plants can grow there.

Some people in various places including Chennai and Bengaluru have demanded such eco-friendly masks and the youth are also increasing production following the masks. , Utensils and other items have also been made. The youth also made eco friendly tricolors. The youth also make eco friendly flags for 26th January and 15th August Gust, which are used for the environment.

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