Gujarat Wahali Dikari Yojana 2021 registration application form

By | April 6, 2021

Gujarat Wahali Dikari Yojana 2021 registration application form

Gujarat Wahali Dikari Yojana 2021 Online Form | Wahali Dikari Yojana 2021 | Application Form Wahli Daughter Scholarship | Registration process Gujarat Wahali Dikari Yojana

The Wahali Dikari Yojana has been announced by the Gujarat State Government. The application process for this scheme will start soon. Today in this article we are going to discuss about how you can grab the benefits of the plan to get its benefits in online / offline flight mode, the purpose of the plan, eligibility criteria and many other information. Please take a look at the session mentioned earlier on this page to know all the details about the scheme

1.The Wahali Dikari Yojana has been announced by the Gujarat State Government.

2.The amount will be given to the first and second daughters of the family as follows: –

When the assistance will be transferred to the details under the Wahali Dikari Yojana:

1.Registration in Class 1st Initial Intervention Part Rs. 4,000

2.Registration in class 9 at the end of the intervention part is Rs. 6,000

3. 18 years of age from marriage or higher education Rs. Is 1,00,000

Wahali Dikari Yojana Gujarat 2020 is being formulated

1.Name of the scheme: Wahali Dikari Yojan

2.Commencement: By Government of Gujarat

3.Type of Scheme: State Government Scheme

4.Beneficial for all girls

5.Method of application: Both online, online and


6.Official Website: Not yet published

7.Objectives of the Early Daughter Scheme:

8.The main objective of vahali Dikari schemes is to empower girls.

9.This scheme will help in improving the birth rate of the baby.

10.The scheme will also promote girls’ education

Features of Wahali Dikri Yojana:

1.The scheme is fully government funded

2. The government has spent Rs. 110000 / – to the beneficiaries

3.Applicants can also apply through both online, online and offline flights

4.Beneficiaries will receive financial assistance directly to their bank account through bank transfer

5.Distribution of scholarship

6.amount Beneficiaries will be given Rs. 4000 / – in first registration in 1st

7.class Second registration will be given in 9th class and the amount will be Rs. 6000 / –

8.Beneficiaries will be given Rs. 100000 / – when she turns 18 years old.

Eligibility Criteria Scheme:

●The plan is for the family’s first two daughters

●The applicant should be from the state of Gujarat

●The applicant must have a bank account

●The annual income of the applicant’s family is Rs. 2 lakh

The plan documents required:

●Certificate of Residence

●Birth certificate

●Certificate of Income (up to Rs. 2 lakhs per annum)

●Parental proof of identity

● Bank account passbook


Selection Process Gujarat Wahali Dikari Yojana 2020:

1.The first application form will be invited.

2.The application form will then be verified by the concerned regional authorities.

3.A list of beneficiaries will then be prepared.

4.Finally the amount will be transferred to the beneficiary’s account.

5.The applicant must be a permanent resident of the State of Gujarat.

6.The girls should be from a poor family with an annual income of less than 2 years.

Dear daughter scheme beneficiary letter

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