MIS-C disease increases anxiety in children

By | June 1, 2021

MIS-C disease increases anxiety in children

In the coronary arteries, a disease called MIS-C in children has expressed concern. Pregnant women need to be most aware of this. Giving an important statement, senior gynecologist Dr. Dr said that women have to take special care that corona does not occur during pregnancy. If possible, pregnancy should be planned only after vaccination so that there are no problems during pregnancy.

Dr.Vandana Amin said that pregnant women should seek immediate treatment for corona symptoms. 
At the same time any kind of fear or mental breakdown for pregnant women is harmful to the baby. The mother needs to take care of herself to protect her baby from MIS-C as well as other diseases and as soon as the baby is born.Children are also suffering from a disease called MIS-C i.e. Only one day old baby has got MIS-C in Ahmedabad. Within twelve hours of birth, the newborn develops a disease called MIS-C.
The child is being treated in the ICU at a private hospital. It is held on oxygen.

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