Post Office Goods Scheme: Deposit only 95 rupees and get 14 lakh

By | August 12, 2021

The post office scheme does not even carry the risk of money with a bumper return.  You get a government guarantee of your money.  So today we are telling you about a terrific scheme.

Post Office Goods Scheme: Deposit only 95 rupees and get 14 lakh, find out how


Invest money in this post office scheme

Deposit only 95 rupees and get 14 lakh

This scheme is the best if you want to raise funds

A fund of Rs 14 lakh can be created by depositing only Rs 95 per day in this post office scheme.  The name of this special scheme is Gram Sumangal Gramin Dak Jeevan Yojana.  This policy is very beneficial for those who need money from time to time.  So let us know about this scheme.

The term of this policy is 15 years and 20 years


Minimum age for taking the policy is 19 years

The maximum age for taking a 15 year policy is 45 years

The maximum age limit for taking a policy for 20 years is fixed at 40 years

Any Indian citizen can avail this scheme

The maximum sum insured is up to Rs 20 lakh

Advantages of the policy

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15 year policy- 20% on completion of 6 years, 9 years and 12 years and 40% with bonus on maturity term.

20 year policy- 20% on completion of 8 years, 12 years and 16 years and 40% with bonus on maturity term.

Know what is post office plan?

This is the endowment scheme of the post office, in which money is given simultaneously on maturity with money back.  The Rural Postal Life Insurance Scheme was launched by the Government of India in 1995.  The Gram Sumangal scheme also comes under it.  Five other insurance schemes are offered under it.

How to get 14 lakh rupees?

Suppose a 25 year old person buys a policy with 7 years Sum Assured.  So he will have to pay Rs 32,735 annually.  The 6-month premium will be Rs 16,715 and the quarterly premium will be Rs 8,449.  Thus a person has to pay Rs 2853 per month.  So about 95 rupees per day will have to be paid as premium.  This policy will be for 20 years.  You will be given Rs 1.4-1.4 lakh as money back at the rate of 20-20% in 8th, 12th and 16th year.

Speaking of bonuses, the scheme offers a bonus of Rs 48 per year.  The sum assured bonus of Rs 7 lakh became Rs 33,600 in one year.  This amount will be Rs 6.72 lakh for 20 years.  In the 20th year, you will also get the remaining Rs 2.8 lakh.  If all the money is added up, you get a total of Rs 19.72 lakh

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