Sheri Garba allowed in Navratri in Gujarat, Navratri cannot be held in clubs or party plots

By | September 24, 2021

 Navratri was not celebrated last year due to Corona, but this year the situation has eased a bit and street riots have been allowed in Gujarat. Street garba can be organized with a limit of 400 people. However, Garba is not allowed in club and party plots. With this, according to the announcement made by the state home department, the curfew time has been extended by 1 hour from tomorrow night. From now on there will be a night curfew from 12pm to 6am.

An important decision was taken regarding Navratri

The night curfew in eight towns ends on Saturday, September 25. Navratri starts from October 7. In this situation, the new government of Gujarat has taken an important decision with the reduction of night curfew and new guidelines for organizing street garba in Navratri.

400 previously approved

In Gujarat, the government has earlier issued guidelines for the celebration of festivals with a DJ orchestra in the presence of 400 people. On the other hand, more than 4.93 crore citizens have been given both doses of more than 1.76 crore corona vaccine. While 4.07 crore people have received a single dose. For the past two months, only 20 cases of covid have been reported daily. Night curfews are also likely to be reduced in such circumstances. So that the cinema industry can also get relief.

Order of farm house has been received in Navratri

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Home chef Mridu Parikh said orders for food packets came from Garba at a private farm house on Navratri this year. Orders have come for pizza rolls, stuff bun, chole kulche as well as lasagna. There is also an order of faral dishes. At the same time, Madansingh Chauhan said that if the government allows Garba to play in the society, he should also give permission to the food industry till 1 pm. We also give entry only to guests who have been vaccinated.

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