If money is transferred to another account by mistake, get it back like this, know the whole way

By | June 4, 2021

If money is transferred to another account by mistake, get it back like this, know the whole way

Sometimes it happens that you are going to transfer money to someone in a hurry and the money is transferred to another account.  What should be done at such times so that the money is returned to your account?  So learn about this way.

If the money is transferred to another account by mistake, do this in three days
➡️Many times you may have heard or felt that money has been transferred from mistake to another account.  Then people assume that the money will not come back.  But it is not possible to get the money back if you or someone you know has made a mistake.  All you have to do is go to the bank to get the money back.  So know what you have to process.

Get your money back this way

➡️If you accidentally transfer money to another person, first go to your bank and find out which account the money has gone to.  Because you have only transferred money from a phone number through a third party app, you do not know what the holder’s account number is.  Now knowing this account number you should contact the bank of that holder.  First get a certificate from your bank stating that the money was transferred by mistake so that you can get your money back.  According to the rules of the Reserve Bank, if that person takes money without your permission, you have to contact your branch within three days.  You can get your money back through this process.

Online fraud has been on the rise for a long time
➡️The number of such cases has increased in the last few years, in which money is being transferred to someone else’s account by mistyping a number at a time when transferring money through a mobile number.  In addition to this, due to fraudulent calls coming in the phone, sometimes the customer is tempted to give such personal information of the bank to the fraudsters.

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