Will there be another lockdown to control Corona? Find out what Amit Shah answered

By | April 18, 2021

Will there be another lockdown to control Corona? Find out what Amit Shah answered

Corona virus is on the rise in the country. The second wave has wreaked havoc across the country and is the first time that more than 2.60 lakh cases of corona have been reported in India in a single day. Corona’s terrifying pace has once again shocked the entire country. Currently about 57 percent of the country’s population is under ban, but the way Corona has gone out of control,The
government has only one option, lockdown. However, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has clarified that “there will be no hasty lockout in the country and such a situation is not visible at present.”
In fact, in an interview to a private news channel, Amit Shah was asked, “Like last year, lockdown is the only option to control Corona?” “We are discussing with many appointments,” Shah said.
We wanted to build a basic infrastructure and treatment line. We did not have any medicine or vaccine at that time.  Nevertheless, we are in discussions with the Chief Ministers. Whatever the consent, we will proceed accordingly. But the status of the outout does not look like a lockdown.
The second question was asked to Shah – many initiatives were taken during the first wave of the first Corona. Why are there no more emergency questions? There were two meetings with the chief ministers and I was also present. Recently, a meeting was held with the governors of the state. We’ve got to give more incentives to social sector shareholders to support governments.There have been discussions with scientists on the vaccination front and a meeting to improve medical protocols. Preparations are underway to fight this whole. At this point the pace of transition is so high that this fight is a bit difficult.
In the interview, the home minister was asked if he considered the new type of corona to be the most dangerous. Our scientists are working to fight it. I’m confident we will win. I think the boom is mainly due to new mutants of the virus. The boom is in many countries,” he said. Scientists are studying it and will come to a conclusion ahead of time.

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